Photo-videographer and digital artist based in Sydney, Australia.

The range of services offered include:

  • family or couples portraits or simply “images of  you on your best day”
  • photo-journalistic reportage of your events; weddings (photo and video or Hybrid coverage);
  • fashion, actor head shots and model portraits for portfolios and submitting to modelling agencies;
  • corporate portraits;
  • promotional content for marketing your business, products or services.

My unique differentiating factor is my eye for detail and aesthetics; 12 years experience immersed in a few popular photographic categories, a decent digital re-toucher and photo manipulator; and a specialisation in producing images that are not only remarkable, but also marketable, relevant, and fits strategically with your business or personal needs.

As a former member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), I have passed their stringent criteria for selection and quality control, and understand and follow the industry’s best practices and standards. Unfortunately, they are now closed down during COVID after 75 years as an industry body.


Andrew began his journey into photography in his childhood using the family Canon DLSR and various film and digital cameras of eras gone by.

Showing great interest and potential throughout high school in visual arts (Top marks in Year 10 with a Distinction) and tech drawing, he was later accepted into Uni of Western Sydney for their Electronic arts Degree, where he would immerse in his interests in various mediums of art (audio engineering, digital art, graphics design and movie making…. what’s now known as a content creator), however, he dropped out early to pursue a career in retail working at an popular electronics store selling a variety of tech hardware which include cameras, computers, printers, office and house appliances. He developed his knowledge in every line of camera products and interest in photography and editing and sold alot of stuff!

Eventually becoming a Printing & Imaging department manager and product expert. His boss signed him up for a Canon sponsored portrait photography workshop to get some knowledge and hands-on experience use the newest Canon product for the semi-professional… the 2004 Canon 20D, utilising off-camera flash to create dramatic fashion portraits with our model and ballerina. The Alexandria based studio instructor reviewed the classes photos and picked his set as favourites, which really boosted his confidence in the art.

Experience in operating the Fuji PhotoLab and “Photoshopping” images for clientele (photos, posters & canvas, photo-restoration and manipulation), also creating visual merchandise and product tickets (store signage, banners & digital/print media) for store promotions.

After Retail, he attained a business degree from Monash university specialising in management and marketing strategies, as a presant for leaving the career behind he purchased a shiny new Canon 50D in 2009 and started shooting as a hobbie which turned into a casual job covering events and “photobooths” while he studied full time and also worked casually as an in-house and mobile IT repair guy.

Post Uni – eager to start his own business and put that degree to use, and during his run as a full-time photographer, from 2013-15, Andrew joined the Australian Judo Federation as their social media manager, graphic designer and resident combat sports. photographer as a side gig.

Present time

I am currently working in another career, but in my spare time I take on the odd job here and there. During the past 2 years, I climbed the ranks of the national fashion scene working with popular models, DJ’s, influencers, Australian Designers and companies. Attaining some cover features in popular Fashion magazine publications.

Also during this time, my best friend Dan’s success in Hybrid Wedding photography at Precise Pix, allowed us to work together and combine our knowledge to become a formidible photo-cinematic duo.

Another best friend, Tim, now living in Denver, Colorado is also into photography, you can check out his portfolio of work HERE.

Its a real pleasure to share this passion with my 2 closest friends.


Winner of 2 bronze awards in The International Loupe Awards 2013 for the Amateur Landscape Category.

Winner of 2 bronze awards in the Open Portrait Category, 1 Bronze and 1 Silver in the Open Landscape Category of The International Loupe Awards 2014.

Silver Award in the Landscape Category, Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) NSW Awards 2015.

3 Bronze awards in 2020 Epson Pano awards

3 winners! Images with a score of 71-80 are awarded Bronze

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