Portraits for a fellow photographer

Around 2 years ago, I had some fantastic fitness photos taken by my friend and wedding photographer Robert Slabihoudek (Click here to see his work) to mark one of my fitness milestones.

Today I return the favour with a photo shoot and hopefully deliver images that he will cherish as I have with his.

He needed a few updated corporate head-shots for his photography website and social media profiles and also some personal portraits for his friends and family. And he asked for natural light and natural looking photos that weren’t tooposey’.

Like our last photo shoot, it was held at my backyard and garage, but this time, we discovered and got to try out a few new locations that had interesting backgrounds. It was golden hour and the sun was setting quick, we went with the flow and the shoot was over in 20 minutes.

Although to us it seemed like it was getting dark, the cameras and fast lenses picked up the soft ambient light and produced some amazing lighting and shadows. I got to use his Nikon D700 and his 135mm prime lens and I’m blown away by the quality of the images coming from this lens!  We took a few pictures with both his kit and my kit.  Now he has a bunch of images from both cameras and I’m leaving it in his capable hands to edit the ones he likes or use the ones I edited.

In the meantime, here are some of my edits from my new Canon 70D, it is actually the first portrait shoot I have done with it, also, the first time I mounted the Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM so I was eager to play around with the image files. So far, I am happy with the colour reproduction, the extra detail in the images and the killer movie-mode. Look out for my Canon 70D consumer review in the future for my deeper analysis and experiences with the camera.

photocrati gallery

If you like these pictures and would like some photos of your own. Don’t hesitate to contact me to organise a professional corporate photo shootpersonal portraits or a family photo shoot.

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