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A visit to Taronga Zoo

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Today was spent with my entire family plus my brother’s girlfriend, we got to Taronga Zoo at 10:30am, in time for the first show of the day, the ‘seal show’ which was funny, cute, and amazing to see how well trained they are.  Then we walked around while I took shots of ‘snap-worthy’ subjects . A couple hours quickly past, so it was time for the ‘bird show’. This show was equally as good as the ‘seal show’, but there’s something about the amount of birds flying around and swooping over your head that made for an even more spectacular sight, my camera shutter was firing off like a machine gun to capture them in flight!

The tigers and lions were beautiful, their form and colour along with the setting they were in set the scene nicely, it was where I snapped my favourite and most popular pictures.

Unfortunately, we had missed the ‘Dinosaur’s in the wild’ expo by 1 day! But at least they still had most of the animatronic dinosaurs available to see, except they weren’t moving or making noises.

Other things we saw were insects, reptiles, more birds, more mammals, a decent display of native and non-native flora, and a great view of Sydney’s skyline.

We spent 5 hours there, leaving at 3ish, and were buggered by the end of it. It was impossible for me to photograph everything, at times I would have my mom or brother’s girlfriend saying “look over there” pointing out interesting scenes to shoot while I was focusing on something else, so thanks for helping get more interesting shots! The whole experience was educational along with lighthearted family fun!

Here are some shots for the day.

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