Original Canon 5D – First Impressions Review and my first steps into full frame

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My friend Michael from O’Farrell Photography lent me his Canon 5D, a memory card and a couple batteries! Even threw in the manual! Such a kind and generous offer!

I took it for a spin with my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM MKII  around my back yard.

This camera+lens combo is something I desperately needed a full frame camera for. I didn’t have any L-quality glass that could do 57-115mm on my cropped Canons’, only with EF-s zoom lenses.

The sun was setting and most of these subjects were in the shade, I had the camera maxed out at 1600 ISO shooting as slow as I could to get a decent exposure, lucky I had the image stabiliser on the lens to keep the images sharp.

The images below are  my first digital full frame shots!

Being so used to seeing my lenses through cropped sensors, it’s great to see the lenses expressed in their full glory. I realised also how much of the shot I was missing when compared to a full frame, even down to the way the vignette fades off is different.

And yes, we’ve probably all read about this and seen examples all the time about the differences between APS-C and 35mm full frame sensors, but when it’s your gear, and you get to see it with your own eyes, it is much more enlightening!


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