Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead pictures – Tanya Hinchcliffe

The Day of the Dead photos with Tanya Hinchcliffe

I briefly got the chance to work with Tanya Hinchcliffe, she was popular amongst the photographers so I waited to get my chance to shoot with her, we ended up doing a Day of the Dead couples photo shoot, but there wasn’t enough time, because she had to do a costume change. Hope to work with you again the future.

Credits for Tanya Hinchcliffe’s Day of the Dead images:

Image 1-2

Event producer: Alex Ron

Model: Tanya Hinchcliffe
Hair Stylist: Steven McGuire-Dupak
Make Up Artist: By Bekka


Model/Stylist: Darren Johns
Hair Stylist: Steven McGuire-Dupak
Make Up Artist: Sofia Leigh

Location: Studio 1A

Day of the dead photos - Tanya Hinchcliffe and Darren Johns - Andrew Croucher PhotographyDay of the dead - Dia de Muertos - Photos- Tanya Hinchcliffe and Darren Johns- Andrew Croucher Photography 2.jpg

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