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“Fitness Spirit” photo shoot with Nadine Groat

Here is the first part of the “Fitness spirit” photo shoot. The theme is holistic training, where cross-fitness meets spiritual development. This segment shows the scenes of stillness, serenity, joy, inner reflection and soft exercise.

The model for this shoot was the lovely Nadine Groat. She radiates inner and outer beauty and also trains holistically.

The resulting shoot was at Cronulla Beach in south-east Sydney on a quiet Saturday. What started off as a nice sunny day became over cast with the sun behind the clouds. We were hoping to have a golden sun-set but the weather didn’t hold up and it got dark quickly. I added abit of warmth on the images to fake some sun light and pushed the editing abit extreme to experiment with how far I can push an image to suit my original vision. Anyways, its just abit of muckin around in the early days and still evolving my photography and editing tastes and practices.

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