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Garie Beach Shoot

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Today’s shoot was the best seascape session since 3 months ago, all thanks to the beautiful location and the morning sky, and of course, having my best mate to keep me company.

We braved some pretty tough conditions today photographing along the rocks that were against a cliff. Waves were washing up to our knees at an undesirable rate and occasionally large waves would force us to abandon some of our long exposure shots, killing valuable time during the sun-rise.

After 2 hours, one unexpected giant wave forced us to bail-out and call it a day, everything got soaked including our clothes and cameras! Now my electronics are playing up in the camera, I hope it will work after I leave it for a while to dry off.

I got my vertical  landscapes in full-swing today, loving that perspective! There will definitely be a few keepers. Here are some early releases of my work, “Hot off the press”! Stay tuned because I’ll be adding more images from today’s shoot in the coming weeks.

garie beach, royal national park, sydney, NSW
Taunting the Gods at Garie Beach.
Starring Timothy Yip














Garie Beach is situated in the Royal National Park along the south-east coast of Sydney.

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