My Lee Filters just arrived!

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Got the Lee Filters! They will make great additions to my photographic arsenal helping me expand my creative potential. Especially for landscape and architectural shots.

  • Lee Big Stopper filter (reduces incoming light by 10 stops).
  • Lee Circular Polarizer filer (To cut through the glare or hazy sky and add colour saturation to the images).
  • Lee Neutral Density Soft Graduation filter set – (1,2,3 stops darker)
  • …and the necessary Lee mounting kits for the polariser (polarizer) and other filters.

I will review these to let you know my thoughts as soon as I get some decent experience with them. Going to test them out this weekend.

[UPDATED]: View my initial experience with the Lee Big stopper and Circular Polarizer Here

[UPDATED]: View Part 2 of the review of the Lee Big stopper and Circular Polarizer Here

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