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Transhuman Horrors

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I have always been fond of science, medical and technological advances, so long as it is used for ethical purposes to truly better humanity, the idea that a disabled person may become ‘able’ is great. But as we know, technology is a double-edged sword, and the trans-humanist movement is now going way too far with their visions of digital immortality. I won’t go into details here, just look it up if you’re interested. Ray Kurtzweil is the extremist front-man selling you on this vision and mission of which Google is involved too. Will this go mainstream? Can the majority keep this cult as a minority and let them experiment on themselves? Or will this just become another example of the hubris of man in a failed grand human experiment? We shall see after the year 2045!

We often fear what we do not understand, so I hope I can find some understanding to justify jumping on this bandwagon, because the merging of man and machine WILL happen, and when it does, you’re gonna have to pick a side.

For now, enjoy my scanogram which is made from mostly real-life items scanned by my scanner, mixed with stock images to add the finishing touches. The themes also touch upon the aspects of materialism, commercialism, kleptocracy, science, ego and evolution.