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Art Nude photo shoot at Studio 1A, Sydney

Welcome to Art Nude.


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El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) photo shoot

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Eedi Jennar as Lady of the Dead.

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican cultural and religious day/s of remembrance, prayer and celebration for the family and friends that have passed away, in connection with Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve, this event takes place from the 1st of October till the 2nd of November. Offerings and previous possessions would be placed on an ‘Altar of the dead’ or at their grave sites, such as alcohol for the adults, toys or ‘little angels’ for the children, food and various flowers are gathered to attract the souls of the dead to eat the ‘spiritual essence’ of the offerings.

This became the theme of a creative photo shoot held at Studio 1A in Marrikville, Sydney, on the 27th of October which involved a collaboration of numerous talents from various industries. Clothing designers, stylists and the models brought and made garments and items for the costumes, hair and make-up artists created looks to suit the models (Awesome Sugar skull makeup designs), props were brought in by the people involved, the studio owners and management created the opportunity and provided the facilities (Thanks Alex Ron, Pania Newport and Christopher Getts), the models posed and the photographers took pictures, everyone’s conceptualisation of The Day of the Dead theme came to a great final outcome with many great photos taken. If you are looking for ideas on how to recreate the Day of the Dead theme, with makeup, hair, costumes and other designs,  take a look at what a hand-full of creatives from diverse talents can do together.

Here are my day of the dead pictures from this experience, Enjoy! (more photos will be uploaded as I finish them so stay tuned).

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!!!



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Crux Bokeh

Pictured here is the Southern Cross, or Crux constellation. Also featuring Centaurus’s belly and very bright feet (α [Alpha] & β [Beta] Centauri). Behind, is the Coalsack dark nebula and the Milky way.

The Crux constellation is of high significance in astronomy and philosophy, and is ingrained in the cultures of ancient and modern populations all around the world, especially around the southern hemisphere.

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